Regrets, anyone?

I’m writing about regret today. Why? Because it affects us every day and I just happened upon this great infographic from Happify about it and wanted to share. Because I’m a nice person. And again, because it’s relevant.

Regret can linger in the mind. But it’s like the Force: you can use it for good or evil (don’t go the Darth Vader route, it’s got cool factor but also highly unpopular and you won’t end well). Continue reading Regrets, anyone?

Managing the To Dos!

red man paper mountain

My last post was about reflection and list making. What can happen when you reflect and write lists? You can get buried in them. At least I did. I had notebooks full of lists; lists for home, for car, for work, for errands, for mom and even the master list of lists! But looking back, it wasn’t a complete waste of time (possibly years, from what I can see of the many acres of trees that must have been sacrificed to produce those lists). Continue reading Managing the To Dos!

Daily Reflection

If we were grading on the progress I’ve made on my reflections at the beginning and end of each day, I would like to grade myself on a curve and still only earn a C-. The new habit I’m trying to instill in myself is to start each day consciously setting up my purpose and a list of things to do that will go towards forwarding that purpose and then reviewing, nightly, my progress and how I will do things better/more efficiently/focus more the next day. Continue reading Daily Reflection