Setbacks, ack! (aka It’s a New Week! Yay!)

We all have setbacks, obstacles, hurdles, complications. And so I’ve suffered some (read that as “all“) of these things this week. Firstly, I caught a vicious cold which put me down for the count for one work day and pretty much my entire three day weekend off. (I did make it to an outdoor festival that my mom likes us to go to as a family, but only for a few hours before chilly summer winds sent me scurrying for my bed.) The rest of my week was moderately productive as I played catch up.

It was tempting to set aside my routine of daily reflection, checking my To Do list, and writing my daily goals. So I did! I admit it. I did NOT do anything productive those sick days or even the day after my sick period. So shoot me! In truth, thinking about my To Do list while I was befuddled with illness was stressing me out. I attempted to do some light reading and my inability to focus made it a useless exercise. My options were quickly narrowed down to ordering food delivery and setting the TV to a movie I had seen countless times so I could fall asleep without thinking I missed anything. My only regret was that I was feeling too sick to enjoy the lazy interlude.

But this is a new week with a new Vision for the next seven days and fresh daily Must Dos. While it sucks that I didn’t get as much accomplished last week as I’d have like to, these things happen and I have to let go of any feelings of guilt from it. Because I do feel a bit of guilt. While it’s true that most of these To Do item deadlines are self-imposed, that doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad about not getting them done “on time“. Guilt, disappointment, stress… all these negative feelings don’t do me any good in the end so I try not to wallow in them. Let it go! Do some yoga. Meditate. Medicate. No, I’m kidding about the medicate bit. DON’T medicate! Give yourself a gentle or stern talking to (whatever rocks your boat). Do whatever “woosaaa”/zen thing you have to do to acknowledge the negative feelings and then let them go.

So to summarize, here’s this week’s Kick Me takeaways:

  • SETBACKS HAPPEN. That’s life. Not everything goes according to plan. Acknowledge that fact.
  • WE’RE ALL HUMAN. Whatever negative feelings resulting from those setbacks/complications should be acknowledged as well. We’re imperfect. Yada yada yada… hopefully you get the picture.
  • Then, GET OVER IT. We all have feelings of insecurity, stress, and guilt fairly regularly. But don’t wallow in the pig sty of bad feelings. They just get everywhere and are harder to clean up if you let them linger too long. Seriously, let it go.
  • And finally, FEEL THE EXCITEMENT of having a brand new week ahead of you full of potential successes and goal attainment! It’s all about perspective here. Set your new week off on a positive note and leave all that pig sty mess where it belongs… in the past.

Set goals, climb mountains, rise to victory! In other words, let’s kick ourselves into high gear and get stuff done! By the way, I’d love to hear from other people and hear how they’ve dealt with their setbacks and bad joojoo from not getting things done like they’d wished.